A Warriors Way to Closure

I have been thinking about this a lot.  I had wished that my Command would have stepped up and mad this right.  They didnt.  I had wished that the Afghan Ministry of Defense (MOD) would have stepped up and made it right.  They didnt.  I have no knowledge as to if the couldnt or wouldnt, but either way its irrelevan.  The fact remains they didnt.

But I can.

Right vs wrong.  Justice for all.  These things require flawed people to recognice when there is injustice and do their part to make it right.  It is not necessary to perform some grandiose act.  You could just pick up some garbage.  What is necessary is your desire to help and your ability to listen.

I want to repay Siaeds father.  The cost for me to travel there and make this right is far more than the actual cost of the medications and supplies purchased.  This is about closure as well. Thank you for considering and if you do nothing else, perhaps just share this with others.  Siaeds story will perhaps help all of us to see the world others differnetly.

Its the only way,

A Warriors Way