A Warriors Final Mission

On August 26, 1920 a cry was heard throughout the world for a Warrior, a Young, was born. Today May 24th, 2014 we gather to see a Warrior home. From the salty seas of the Pacific Islands to the humid mountains of Vietnam he was there. From the walls of Americas worldwide bases to the snowy valleys of Korea, he was there.  Where ever there was injustice, he was there.

2014-05-24 11.12.47

He came from a small unknown town in New Hampshire.  He went out into the world and soon rose to the highest ranks in the worlds most powerful military ever.  He was all over, and by God, the World felt him. Oh did they ever feel it. Today we return this Warrior to his eternal resting place in a small town in New Hampshire. Obscurity and modesty makes a pure Warrior. Never was about him, never will be.  Read the grave stone and you will never know the incredible story of a Warrior who stood the watch.


We all knew him as Rex, Dad, Gramps and Gam-Pa. We all knew him well. We knew he loved growing tomatoes and roses. He loved golf. He loved us. That’s the thing about a Warrior, their propensity for love, grace, patience, and loyalty. They won’t leave your side, they muse about you daily, they show patience under fire, and encouragement to those who are timid.  A Warrior leader not by training but, by instinct.  Warriors understand that life is best with deep relationships.


As parents we strive to teach our children these ideals, despite our deep flaws. The best Warriors are flawed as well and yet overcome those flaws to find success. They carry with them seeds of darker places, ever trying to not let them be planted and take root. They carry these seeds directly into the white halls of our families sanctuary, and we rarely know it. It’s the Warriors way.  A Warrior bears life’s great burdens and never asks for reprieve.


On August 26, 1920 a Young was born and the world knew it, the World needed it. During the years that followed, more were born, just look around. You are surrounded by warriors of the highest caliber. These warriors are not identified by the gold on their shoulders or the ribbons on their chest. These are members of an elite clan, steeped in a lengthy history of bravery, vigilance, and reverence.  They are known as: Young, Murry, Faustina, Labriq and Ash.  What makes us different?  We are born Warriors.  Our instinct is not to just fight but, fight for the vulnerable and win.


Gramps, we love you deeply, we admire you endlessly and we will miss you every day. We will speak of you often for years to come. We have the watch, and we will not give up the fight.  We lack the cowardice gene.  it’s time for you to rest CSM.  You have taught us well, we will pick up the spear and fight injustice, we will pick up the shield and provide refuge for those in need. After all, it’s what we Warriors do.

Final resting place.

Final resting place.




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